Institutional investors who purchased, sold or held Volkswagen Securities during the period from 23 April 2008 through 4 January 2016 (inclusive) (the “Relevant Period”) are encouraged to join the Foundation as Participants as soon as possible and, thereby, support the Foundation’s initiatives and purpose. Participation in the Foundation is open to all investors who purchased, sold or held Volkswagen Securities (including Ordinary Shares, Preference Shares, and bonds or other debt instruments) during the Claim Period, other than investors who purchased Volkswagen ADRs that are traded in the United States.

Participation in the Foundation carries no financial risk or obligation.

Submitting a Participation Agreement does not make any investor a party to any litigation. It is intended to provide the Foundation the required representative capacity under Dutch Law to act as representative body and to enter into and execute any class-wide settlement agreements on behalf of the Investor class.

Shareholders that are eligible are encouraged to register with the Foundation by filling out a Foundation Participation Agreement and submitting it to or fill out the contact form below.

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